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How to test in LIGR
How to test in LIGR
This article will outline how to test your graphics before going live.
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We highly recommend integrating the Monitoring Link into your production software or hardware to test prior to going live. This is to ensure everything functions as intended. Even though it displays a watermark, it enables users to animate graphics until the end of the first period in the LiveScore App.

NOTE: If the user proceeds to the second period, the match CANNOT be reset and will require a new match to be created from the matches table. The Production Link cannot be used to test.

After pasting the Monitoring Link into their encoding hardware or software, the user should proceed to open the LiveScore App for the corresponding match.

  • Select Matches in the left hand navigation bar.

  • Click on the 3 ellipsis next to the relevant match.

  • Select Open LiveScore.

  • Once you open the LiveScore App, it will launch in a new browser window. From there, select Players Entered and then About to Start. If in Auto Mode, a sequence of graphics will automatically appear on the output.

  • To begin the match, simply click Start First Half. At this point, the game is underway, and the user can run through various events to verify that their output is behaving as expected.

Once the user is satisfied that everything is functioning correctly, they should proceed to reset the match

  • To reset the match, locate the clock icon at the top of the screen (highlighted by a red rectangle below) and click on it.

  • Then select Reset Match.

Clicking Reset Match will clear all the logged events, signifying that the match has been successfully reset.

NOTE: It's imperative to note that the Monitoring Link should be replaced with the Production Link in the encoding hardware or software before going live otherwise a watermark will be visible on the output.

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