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How to overlay LIGR.Live In OBS
How to overlay LIGR.Live In OBS
This article will explain how to integrate LIGR into your production when using OBS.
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When you create a match in LIGR, an overlay link is automatically generated. You can copy and paste this link directly into your production software, making integration extremely quick and painless. To copy the overlay link, log in to LIGR.Live and go to the Matches tab on the left-hand menu (the calendar icon). Press the three dots to the right of the relevant match and select Links.

Hit the button that says Copy Production Link then paste the link into your production software. Be mindful that you can only use the Production Link once, so if you want to monitor your graphics before transmission, hit the Copy Monitoring Link button and paste it into a web browser.

Open OBS and press the “+” button on the sources dock to add a source. From the list, select Browser. Enter a name for your production in the text box.

Now, paste the Production Link that you copied from your LIGR dashboard into the box labeled URL. Set the desired Width and Height for your production. Hit OK, and if you have a graphic On air,” then your graphics will appear in your OBS production.

If you’re using other production software, no problem. LIGR is easily integrated with many different production solutions. Head over to the integrations section of the LIGR website to find out more.

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