Sometimes in production, resources can be spread out and having a dedicated LiveScore App operator on a match day may not be possible.

It’s extremely easy to add LIGR to a pre-recorded event by following these steps. In the example below we will be using the vision mixing software OBS.

  • Open OBS

  • Add a SOURCE by clicking the ‘+’ symbol and select your pre-recorded footage by selecting ‘MEDIA SOURCE’.

  • Give it a name. The example below is called MATCH FOOTAGE then click OK.

  • Navigate to where the footage is located on your machine by selecting the BROWSE button. When you have located it, click OK and the footage will be added to your production as a SOURCE.

  • Once you’ve added the footage you need to add another SOURCE. This will be the PRODUCTION LINK from your LIGR dashboard, this will display the LIGR overlays in OBS. An article explaining how to access your PRODUCTION LINK and adding it into OBS can be found here.

  • Ensure that the SOURCE that is your LIGR overlays are above the footage that you’re using.

  • Once you’re happy with that, hit CUT and the LIGR graphics will be on the output.

Ensure that your record settings are set correctly and hit START RECORDING. As the footage is running score the match accordingly on the LiveScore App

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