OBS can be downloaded here.

The user MUST also have the obs-ndi 4.9.0 plugin installed. That can be downloaded here. Without this plugin creating a dedicated NDI output with an alpha channel isn’t possible.

Once the user has successfully overlaid the production link in OBS follow the below steps.

NOTE: An article explaining how to overlay LIGR into OBS is available in our Help Center here.

  • In the SOURCES section, right click on your graphics source and select FILTERS.

  • Hit the + button in the bottom left of the EFFECT FILTERS box and select DEDICATED NDI SOURCE.

  • Give the filter a name, in the below example it is called LIGR_GRAPHICS.

  • Then give your NDI source a name, this will be the name that will be discoverable on your network. In the below example, it is called LIGR_GRAPHICS_FINAL. Hit Apply Changes and then Close.

Your OBS output populating your LIGR overlays with an alpha channel will now be discoverable on your network. You can use Studio Monitor in the NDI Tools suite to see NDI compatible sources on your network.

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