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Using the Flowics NDI converter application with LIGR
Using the Flowics NDI converter application with LIGR

In this article, you'll learn how to use Flowics NDI converter to make your LIGR output accessible on your network.

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The Flowics NDI® Converter is a free Windows application that seamlessly integrates LIGR into NDI workflows. You can download the Flowics NDI® Converter App here.

With the Flowics NDI® Converter App, you can now unlock the full potential of LIGR in any production software that supports NDI® inputs.

After downloading and installing the application, open it. The following image shows the application in a maximized view.

Enter the following information:

  • NDI Stream Name. In the below example it is called LIGR NDI Graphics. That will be how to discover it as an input on your network.

  • Graphics Output URL. Paste in the Production Link for the match that you're covering.

  • Resolution.

  • Frame Rate.

  • GPU Acceleration. This is the employment of a graphics processing unit (GPU) along with a computer processing unit (CPU). Advisable to have toggled on.

Once happy hit the Start button.

Your LIGR overlays with an alpha channel will now be discoverable on your network. You can use Studio Monitor in the NDI Tools suite to see all NDI compatible sources on your network.

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