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Assigning a team to a club
Assigning a team to a club

This article will explain how to assign a team to a club.

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This article will provide a comprehensive overview of what clubs and teams are within LIGR.

Assuming that you have already created a team, but haven't assigned it to a club, we will focus on guiding you on how to assign it to the appropriate club.

To assign a team to a club, simply follow these steps:

  • Select Assets in the left hand navigation bar

  • Then Clubs & Teams

The image below shows that the Ealing Eagles club has one associated team, while the Thames Thunderbirds club has none.

The team highlighted by the red rectangle in the picture below is not associated with any club, which is indicated by the absence of a team logo

  • To assign it to a club, click on the team and select the relevant club from the drop down menu under Team Settings > Club. The image below illustrates the team being assigned to the Thames Thunderbirds club. As a result, the team will inherit the master assets and naming that are associated with the club

  • After assigning the team to the correct club, click on Save to confirm the changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a team to a club in LIGR.

If you need to change the logo of a team in a club for any reason, such as a separate sponsor, you can find an article outlining how to do that here.

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