How to create a team
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Before you start creating a team you need to create a Competition then a Club, see: Create a Competition, Create a Club

This article will cover step-by-step on how to create a team. If you want to know more about what a Team is and why it is important, see: What are Clubs & Teams?

In the article Create a Club the process of adding a Team follows straight on. After creating a Club you will be greeted with a screen like below.

  • From the drop-downs select the options that are relevant to the Team(s) that you wish to associate with your particular Club. In the below image Red Demons Men & Women’s First Teams have been added

  • When happy, hit the red button that displays Add teams to club at the bottom of the screen

  • You will be back at the main dashboard with the two newly added Teams

  • If you want to add more Teams, hit the red button in the top right corner of the page displaying Add teams to club

  • Or that can be done by clicking the Competition tab

  • Then select your Competition and select Create team

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