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How to create an ad set for your production
How to create an ad set for your production

This article will detail how to create an ad set within your production dashboard.

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This article will detail how to create an ad set within your production dashboard.

Creating an ad set is done by following the below steps:

  • Click Ads in the left hand side dashboard.

  • Then either hit Add (2) or Create Ad Set (2).

You will be greeted with a screen that looks like the below, where you will fill in the following information:

  • Name. The display name of the particular ad set. It’s important to get into the habit of naming your ad sets appropriately as it helps with organisation.

  • Brand. Link your specific ad set to a larger brand. If the brand does not exist you can create a new one. Click on the Create new brand option displayed in blue.

  • Assign to club (optional). Users can assign ad sets in two ways: to a specific club or to a competition. Ad sets can only be assigned to one club at a time, but they can be assigned to multiple competitions. If the ad set you are creating is a club sponsor, assign it to that club here. This will allow you to configure the ad set for the club and its related teams later.

  • Ad Category. Select the relevant option from the drop down list that best meets the criteria of the ad set that you’re creating. After selecting the relevant option the user will need to fill in a few other options that will appear.

  • Once happy, select Create Ad Set.

  • Now the user must upload the relevant assets into the specific boxes, based on size. If the user uploads an incorrect size the crop tool will be triggered. Alternatively the user can use Canva to prepare your image assets for LIGR.

  • Select Upload Image on the image you wish to upload and select it from your machine. Alternatively, you can drag the images onto the page and they will position themselves in the correct place based on size.

    Tip: There’s no need to drag and drop image files individually – you can select multiple files at once and each image will still be positioned in the correct place.

Once all 7 images have been uploaded in the correct format, you will see a green dot next to the ad set showing it is now available for allocation. You have now successfully created an ad set, to create additional ad sets, repeat the same steps.

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