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How to create a competition
How to create a competition

This article will cover step-by-step on how to create a competition.

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If you want to know more about what a 'competition' is and why it is important, see: What is a Competition?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a competition:

  • On your LIGR dashboard click the Assets tab in the left hand side dashboard. There you will see any competitions that have previously been added. In the example below, there are lot already present

  • Click Create A Competition

  • First, select a sport for your competition and click Next. You can find information on all the sports that LIGR supports here

  • Once you have selected your sport, browse through the available themes. Each theme will automatically animate through different graphic types, so you can easily see how the theme looks across various graphic types

  • When you have decided, hover over the desired theme and hit the button that says Select And Continue. In the example below, GEMINI is the chosen theme

Now you can click on the various graphics types to see their animations and also how information and logos are presented.

  • Below the Intro template is selected and visible on the preview screen. To see the other animations simply click between them on the left hand side of the screen

  • To change the colours click on the options highlighted in the image below, above the RED NUMBER 2

  • Once you’re happy with the chosen theme click the button that says Use This Theme

At the next screen, enter all the relevant information for your Competition:

  • Graphics Name

  • Gender

  • Competition Name

  • Age Group

  • Division

Next you can add the Competition Logo and any watermarks, but they’re optional. You can either drag the logo into each box or click in there to browse your machine.

Ideally the logo should be 500KB or less, and 300x300 pixels. If the image is not within these requirements, a crop tool will be triggered on upload. Read more here.

Pro Tip: Upload a logo with a transparent background and no padding around the logo.

When you have uploaded your logo, it will look like the below image.

  • If you want to make tweaks to the scaling etc, hover over the logo and select Edit

  • From there the user changes the scaling and positioning etc, as well as being able to get rid of any background

  • Once you have finished adjusting the image, click Save

  • Then click Create Competition

You will be greeted with a screen like the image below. Here you can allocate teams to this competition, change the settings and also the theme.

Creating a competition...Done.

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