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How to change a club logo
How to change a club logo

This article will explain how to change the club logo.

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When you change the logo of a club in LIGR, all the teams associated with that club will inherit the new logo. A club is typically an umbrella organization that oversees multiple teams, and teams are sub-groups within the club that compete in specific sports or age groups. An article outlining clubs and teams can be found here.

  • Navigate to the Assets tab in the left hand side dashboard

  • Click the Clubs & Teams tab

  • Filter By Club

  • Click on the club for which you want to change the logo. In the below image Thames Thunderbirds are the club

  • Hover over the club logo and select Replace

  • Navigate to where the new logo is located

  • When happy, select Open or double click on the desired logo

  • Once selected you will enter the Edit Image section. Position and scale the logo as required

  • Once happy, hit Save

  • Hit Save at the next screen and you have successfully changed the club logo which will be inherited by all the teams in that particular club

  • The below image shows all the teams associated with the Thames Thunderbirds club with the new logo

In LIGR, a teams logo is typically the same as the master clubs logo. However, if you want to use a different logo for a particular team (for example, if the team has a sponsor or a different visual identity), you can override the team logo. You can find an article on how to do that here.


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