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This article will explain how to change the team logo.
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In LIGR, a teams logo is typically the same as the master clubs logo. However, if you want to use a different logo for a particular team (for example, if the team has a sponsor or a different visual identity), you can override the team logo

There is an article explaining the difference between clubs and teams that can be found here.

  • Navigate to Assets in the left hand side dashboard

  • Click the Clubs & Teams tab.

  • Filter By Club.

  • Click on the club for which you want to change the logo. In the below image Thames Thunderbirds are the club.

  • Click on the team that you would like to change the logo of to be different from the master club. In the below image the Rugby Union team from the Thames Thunderbirds club has been selected.

  • Click Customize.

  • Once here you will see the message: Editing any fields here will overwrite the default inherited club settings. If you wish to make a change across all teams within a club, edit the parent club.

The user can change the logo for this particular team, thus overriding the club default by following the below steps:

  • Click on Upload and Edit.

  • Navigate to where the new logo is located.

  • When happy, select Open or double click on the desired logo.

  • Hit Save at the next screen and you have successfully changed the team logo to be different from the master club.

NOTE: If you need to reset this particular team to the club default, click on the button highlighted in the image below.

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