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Club permission level explained
Club permission level explained

Our Club Portal allows clubs to upload and manage club assets, squad lists, and club sponsors.

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All LIGR.Live administrators can now give clubs access to a dedicated club area on the platform. Our Club Portal allows clubs to upload and manage club assets, squad lists, and club sponsors, making it much easier for large sporting organizations, associations, rights holders, or production companies to manage club assets for their livestream broadcasts.


If you’re a club and you would like to request club access, please contact the organization that livestreams your games and ask them to invite you.


To grant access to clubs, you must have an existing LIGR.Live account with administrator permissions. To send an invite, just log in to LIGR.Live, select the profile icon at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen, select Permissions in the pop-up menu, then hit the red INVITE USER button in the top right-hand corner.

‍Fill out the details of the person at the club who you want to invite, then make sure you select Club in the permission drop-down menu.

Only clubs that have already been set up within your LIGR.Live account can be invited. If you want to invite a new club, please go to the Assets section of LIGR.Live and add a club before sending an invite to club access.

‍After receiving their email invite, the invited club representative will then be able to set up their user account for club access and manage the assets associated with their club. Clubs can only view or change their club assets, and they do not have access to any other settings or club information within a LIGR.Live administrator’s account.


Club access is designed to make it as easy as possible for LIGR.Live administrators to manage assets for all the clubs involved in their livestreams. It also allows clubs to ensure that their team colors, logos, team names, squads, and sponsorship's are kept fully up to date.

‍Clubs are given access to three categories of assets: club assets, teams, and ad sets.

Club assets include club names, venue, club colors, and logo. Text fields can be edited and corrected if necessary, and club access users can upload a new logo and change the club colors.

‍New teams are added under the teams section, and team names, player names, player images, default lineups, and benches can all be edited and kept up to date. Club access users can edit these manually or bulk upload a spreadsheet.

‍The ad sets area gives clubs greater control over their sponsorship and the ads shown during their live streams. The percentage of ad space allocated to a club is set by the LIGR.Live administrator, but clubs can decide how they split their ad allocation between their sponsors or assign particular sponsors to different teams. Clubs can also access analytics for their sponsors’ ads. They can see display durations, screenshare, and the number of displays for each ad set.

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