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Overlay settings explained
Overlay settings explained
The article will explain the overlay settings for a match within LIGR.
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Each match in LIGR has an individual overlay settings page where changes can be made for that specific match. Changes can be made right until the match is kicked-off via the LiveScore App. Once the match has been started these settings CANNOT be changed.

The overlay settings for a particular match can be found by clicking the 3 ellipsis next to the match that you wish to view. Under Overlay select Settings.

You will be greeted with a screen that looks like the below.

On this page the user can do the following:

  • Copy the Monitoring & Production URL for your match. Or if the URL is already in use the user can generate a new set of links by hitting the refresh button next to the text OVERLAY URLS. NOTE: An article explaining what to do if your Production Link is in use can be found here.

  • The overlay can be renamed to whatever you desire.

  • Toggle between Auto & Manual Mode.

  • The Live Background can be changed by selecting None, Demo or Color. When Color is selected a small circle will appear, click on that and select the relevant color that you would like to use and hit save. The selected background will appear in the large preview window.

  • The Primary & Secondary Watermark can be turned on and off.

  • Auto background which appears as an animated background in Auto Mode can be turned on and off.

  • If you're using Graphics + Brands and want to display ads on your production that can be toggled on and off here. NOTE: An article explaining the products available to our customers can be found here and many articles explaining ad sets within LIGR can be found here.

  • An Encoding Delay can be set. If you need to delay the animation of the graphics after they have been triggered in the LiveScore App or in Overlay Control.

  • Previewing any templates can be done here by selecting the relevant title from the options at the top of the screen under the main fixture. Once selected the template will appear in the preview window.

  • Previewing Ad Sets can be done on the right hand side. In the below image the Ad Set is McDonald's and the Ad Size is Large.

  • If the template has editable text fields then the Graphic Settings section will become available to edit. In the below image the INTRO graphic is selected which allows the user to edit particular text fields.

  • The user can show only the teams and score by checking the box. The venue and competition text can be edited and made visible by checking the box next to the relevant option.

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