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How does the queue function work in the control center?
How does the queue function work in the control center?
This article will give an overview of the queue function within the Control Center.
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The queue function within LIGR CAN ONLY be used in Manual mode. When the user is scoring a match in Auto mode a sequence of graphics will automatically be triggered and displayed for a predetermined amount of time at half time. If the user would like to display their own choice of graphics, that can be done by following the below steps:

  • Click Matches in the left hand side dashboard.

  • Click the 3 ellipsis next to the relevant match.

  • Select Control.

The user will be greeted with a screen below which is the Control Center:

  • Select the graphic that you would like to queue. It will change to display as Queued in yellow.

  • Preview the graphic by toggling the eye icon.

  • Toggle the Control Center into Manual mode in the top right of the screen.

Auto mode will stop running and you will see the graphic that you have selected on the output of your production and your Control Center will show it's in Manual mode.

The user can now rotate through their desired graphics by clicking Hide & Show next to the available templates. When they are on air in your production the word Hide will display as red, as shown in the above image.

When the match is close to resuming for the next period, toggle back to Auto mode in the top right of the Control Center and continue to score as normal in the LiveScore App.

The queue function allows the user to react to the production with a little more flexibility, for example if the commentators decide to talk about the match statistics at a certain period of time or they wish to speak about a specific statistical comparison between two players (if applicable) at half or full time, the user can call up the templates manually.

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