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Match configuration explained
Match configuration explained

What is match config and how does it work? In this article we will explain just that.

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While LIGR.Live sets many of the parameters for you upon selecting a sport, different types of competitions may observe slightly different rules. This is why LIGR allows you to set specific parameters such as period length, the ability to enable or disable extra time and more (depending on the sport).

The match config can be set or edited for all matches in a competition by setting the match config at the ‘competition level’. If you would like to adjust the match config for an individual match only, you can also edit the match config for that individual match. We will cover both in this article.

Set Match Config When Creating or Editing a Competition:

Using the sport of football/soccer as an example, let’s look at how you can edit the match config for your competition.

The user can tweak these settings at any time they so desire.

  • Hit Assets in the left hand side dashboard.

  • Select Competitions.

  • Select the relevant competition.

  • Then select Settings.

The default configuration for football offers the user the ability to be able to change the following:

  • Half length.

Changing this value will adjust the total length of each half of every match in the competition.

  • Half time length.

This is the length of time allocated to the breaks between halves. It is useful to have this set accurately so the countdown timer shown in the graphics at half time is accurate.

  • Extra Time.

If the match goes to Extra Time when the scores are level at the end of the allocated match time

  • Golden Goal.

If the match goes to Golden Goal when the scores are level at the end of the allocated match time

  • Shootout.

If the match is decided by a shootout when the scores are level at the end of the extra time

In order to access the Advanced configuration menu, hit the button labelled Advanced and it will take you to the settings available to be changed.

In addition to the the above options the user can now adjust the following:

  • Direction (Up or Down).

Set if the match clock ticks up or down for your production.

  • Injury Time (Stop at length, Injury time or Tick until end).

What happens when injury time is reached, for example it will display Injury Time or the clock will turn red.

  • Cumulative.

The clock will never reset, at the start of the second half it will start counting from 45 minutes.

  • Number of periods.

Change this depending on the amount of periods that your match is made up of.

Set Match Config at Match Level

The user can set the config at match level for an individual fixture right up until the match is kicked off in the LiveScore App. It CANNOT be changed once the match has started.

Certain matches within a competition might need the user to tweak the options for that particular match. It can be done by following the steps below:

  • Click Matches in the left hand side dashboard.

  • Click the 3 ellipsis next to the match you wish to edit.

  • Select Settings under the matches section.

  • Once here, make the relevant changes to the config and hit Save.

Editing the config can also be done when the user creates a match.

  • Click Matches in the left hand side dashboard.

  • Click Create Match.

  • Select the competition you’re covering.

When you have selected the competition the configuration settings will appear and can be adjusted as required.

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