Up until the introduction of this feature the user has previously been charged a match credit if the time in the first half, period or quarter had elapsed without the match being reset. After this time the user was not able to reset the match and would lose one of their match credits.

This feature allows the user to test their graphics end-to-end for the duration of the game without being charged a credit and still reset it before the live production. It can be achieved by following the steps below:

  • Next to the match you wish to test, toggle the Test Mode state to be active.

  • Click on the 3 ellipsis on the right of the screen next to your relevant match and select Get Overlay Link.

NOTE: In the test state, ONLY the Monitoring Link can be used. Use this as you would for any other production by pasting it into your switching software or just into a web browser. It will have a watermark on it.

  • The user will then be able to select the Monitoring Link.

NOTE: The Production Link will not be able to be selected. This will be available to the user once they have switched the particular match back out of Test Mode once they’re finished testing.

  • Once the Monitoring Link has been copied into either a web browser or a production software the user can open the LiveScore App and test their graphics output.

  • At the top of the LiveScore App it will display that the match is being run in Test Mode

  • At the end of the testing, the LiveScore App Operator SHOULD NOT finish the match as normal. The match needs to be switched out of Test Mode in the Matches section of the navigation bar within the dashboard.

  • When that is toggled to be off, a prompt will appear displaying the following:

The match data in the LiveScore App will be reset and ready for your live production.

Reset a Match when Test Mode is deactivated:

You can reset a match when Test Mode is deactivated, as long as the match has not yet progressed into the second period. Once the match has progressed into and beyond the second period, you will be unable to reset the match, and you will be unable to recover the match credit used for that match.

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