This is a list of your Live and Upcoming Matches. On this screen you can see and do the following:

Main Options

  • See a list of your live and upcoming matches

  • Toggle ads on/off for each match listed.

    • Ads off = no ads will display on the graphics overlay

    • Ads on = ads will display on the graphics overlay

  • Toggle Auto Mode on/off

    • Auto Mode On = The data controls the graphics, no manual operation needed. Just score the game with the LiveScore app (if not using external data)

    • Auto Mode Off = Graphics need to manually control via our Control Room (Overlay Control)

  • Set a delay - useful if the live video is delayed more than the graphics overlay.

    • E.g. Vision is 10 seconds delayed, set graphics to be 10 seconds delay to sync up.

  • Type - The type of credit that is being used on your production. A breakdown of that can be found at our pricing page.

Ellipsis menu

  • Match Settings allows you to edit the match settings after the match is created.

  • Upgrade Match allows you to change from No Brands to Brands or vice-versa.

  • Overlay Settings allows you to simulate how your own data will look in the overlay.

  • Overlay Control will open a second window to display the Control Dashboard. This is used to manually control the graphics.

  • Get Overlay Link allows you to copy the URL link to the overlay for testing or live production.

    • PRODUCTION LINK: This can only be used once concurrently. Only use on the final live feed.

    • MONITORING LINK: Use as many times as you like to monitor the graphics from any device. DO NOT use this link for the final live feed.

  • Open LiveScore will open a new tab to allow you to log in and score the match. The match can be scored from any appropriate web-based device

  • New Overlay allows you to create a new overlay for this match.

  • Archive Overlay will remove the overlay but not delete it.

  • Delete Overlay will delete this overlay.

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