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How am I charged for graphics usage?
How am I charged for graphics usage?
This article will explain how charging works relating to the users Production Link.
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Please note that billing for graphics overlay usage is limited to 10 minutes before the start of the match and 10 minutes after the end of the match. This means that if you load the Production Link 30 minutes before the match, you will only be charged for the 10 minutes leading up to the start of the match. Similarly, if the overlay is loaded at the exact moment the match begins, you will only be charged from that point forward, once the overlay is considered active. Charging will be capped at 10 minutes after the match ends. You may delete the Production Link as soon as the match is completed, and billing will stop at that time

Active is defined by the URL being pasted into a production switching software, vMix or OBS for example, a list of the software that LIGR can work with can be found here, or into the user interface of the automatic cameras that we also integrate with.

Once this happens, time will begin to be deducted from the balance that corresponds to the feature currently in use. An article outlining the various options that are available to purchase in LIGR can be found here.

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