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LiveScore App - how to edit a match fact
LiveScore App - how to edit a match fact

How to edit a match fact in the LIGR LiveScore app after the fact has been captured.

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Have you awarded a goal to the wrong team? Given the wrong player a yellow card? In this article, we will walk through how to edit a match fact after the fact has been captured, using the LIGR LiveScore app.

As an example, in this scenario, we have awarded a goal to the wrong player. Let's look at how to change that. As mentioned, we will be using the LIGR LiveScore app to do this.

1. Navigate to the match history page

In the top left of your screen, look for a small clock icon. Tap or click it.


2. Find the fact you wish to edit from the list

Once you have found the fact you would like to edit, click the three (3) dots (marked as edit/delete in the image below) to the right of the screen.


3. Select "Edit" from the menu

A menu will appear at the bottom of your screen, select edit from that menu. This will take you to the page to edit the selected fact.

4. Edit the fact!

Welcome to the edit fact page. You have the option to:


- Change the fact type

- Change the time of when the fact occurred

- Change the team

- (If player data is on) Change the player the fact is assigned to (in red)

In this case, we are going to change the time that the goal occurred, and change the player that scored the goal.


1. Change the time in the time field, which is the text field below the fact type. The format is MM:SS, in our case 15:00, which is 15 minutes into the start of the match.

2. Select the correct player from the list of players below. Once selected, the player will be highlighted green.

3. Click "UPDATE" in the top right of the screen.

4. You will then be taken back to the scoring page.


You have successfully edited a match fact.

As a reminder, this feature is not only limited to goals, you can adjust almost all match facts in the same way.

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