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Using the LIGR LiveScore App
Using the LIGR LiveScore App

A video example of how to use the LIGR LiveScore app with player-level data enabled.

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Below is an overview of how to navigate around the LIGR LiveScore App running in Auto mode with a Standard level of data coverage for a football match to include Players. An overview of the differences in data coverage can be found here.

When you first login to you will be greeted with a screen like below:

It has 3 options of Live and upcoming matches that have been setup as well as matches that have Not started or are Completed.

Clicking on the button highlighted in the image below will allow the user to:

  • Edit their Profile.

  • Switch organization if there is more than 1 associated with the particular LIGR account.

  • Logout.

When ready to setup and start scoring your match, hit the 3 ellipsis highlighted in the image below:

You will be greeted with an image like below, where the user can edit, this applies to the specific match settings, for example, participating teams, kick-off times, data coverage. This can only be changed up until kick-off, once the match has been kicked-off by the user, this information CANNOT be changed.

The other option is Starting lineup where the user can manually enter the teams by toggling the relevant players to be a starter or on the bench or alternatively can set the default starting and bench line up for a team.

The edit & starting lineup screens are shown in the images below:

Once happy with all the above information and the players have entered the field, hit Players entered, then a run of graphics (full frame and lower frame) will rotate on the production output. When the match is nearing a kick-off hit About to start, this will populate a lower frame match ident on the output. Then finally Start first half, the scorebug will appear and you're under way.

The user will then be greeted with a screen like below where the match statistics are collated.


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