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What is a graphics name and do I need to fill it out?
What is a graphics name and do I need to fill it out?

This article aims to explain the concept of graphics name within LIGR

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The graphics name is an optional field that can be used when the full name of the asset (competition, club, player, etc) is deemed not suitable for on-screen use, for example, if it's too long.

In the below image the Competition name is Blackmores Vitamins Junior Women's Rugby League. The Graphics name has been shortened to Blackmores Vitamins League and as a result any templates displaying the Competition name will display the shortened version that has been defined by the user. You can learn how to create a competition here.

It is the same process when creating a team. Enter the relevant information. The Club name first and then the Graphics names. In the below example the Full name for the club is Blackmores Vitamins, the Medium name, which is the most used across the graphics package, is Blackmores and the Short name is the abbreviation that will display on the score bug within your production. Below it is BLA.

When the user is creating a player the First Name and Last Name can be different to the text that appears on the players’ graphics during the production. In the below example the First Name & Last Name are LongFirstName & LongSurname however the Gfx First Name & Gfx Last Name are FirstName & Surname meaning that is what will appear on the final output.

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