Can I customize a theme?

This article will explain the options regarding customizing a theme in LIGR.

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LIGR offers customers a diverse selection of pre-built graphic themes, each containing templates for various design elements. While the templates maintain consistency across different themes, every theme showcases a distinct design. It's important to emphasize that users CANNOT customize or modify the templates themselves.

However, with our extensive array of themes, you can easily discover one that precisely aligns with your requirements, sparing you the effort of creating everything from the ground up.

The colours however, can be changed to what is available in the particular theme. To see which colours are available follow the steps below.

  • Click on Assets in the left hand navigation bar.

  • Click Competitions

  • Select the competition that you wish to change. In the below example it is the Rugby League Festival

  • Select Theme

  • Select Change Skin

  • On the left hand side the available colours in this theme are displayed. Click on the ones that you wish to preview and the window will change

  • Selecting Break, In Game or Caption allows the user to preview all the templates available in this theme with the new colour selected

  • Once happy click Use This Theme. You will be asked to confirm again, once this has taken place, the colour of your theme will be changed

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