Once the user has created a match setup to stream you will enter the Preview & Go Live section of the application. An article explaining Getting Started With Streaming and reaching that point can be found here.

The below image shows a Start Preview & Go Live button.

The Start Preview button will start the preview within LIGR, once that process has completed you will see a screen that looks like the image below. Once you're at that stage LIGR is now ready to receive a feed from your encoding software or hardware. You cannot push your stream to LIGR until your screen looks like the below image.

When the stream has initiated you will see a graphic overlaid in the preview if using Auto Mode. You will see just the footage being sent if you're in Manual Mode and there isn't anything on your output OR if just capturing Highlights.

You will see that the incoming stream is being received by the green tick next to the Live Stream Input on the right hand side of the page.

The Go Live button will send the preview stream showing in LIGR to your final destination. Whether that be a custom RTMP, YouTube, Facebook etc. When the user is happy and want to go live, hit Go Live and you'll be prompted asking you to confirm. Once you've hit Yes, Go Live the stream will be pushed to the Stream Destination.

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