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Incorrectly synced device times
Incorrectly synced device times

Syncing device times is no longer required, however, it is still best practice to ensure the following...

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In this article, we will explore the issues faced by LIGR users when the two devices used to score a game with the LIGR LiveScore app and run a LIGR graphics overlay are not synchronized with exactly the same time. We will also run through the solutions to these issues.

For the LiveScore app to be in sync with the graphics overlay, both devices must be set to the exact same time server, or the time must be manually set to be identical.

Note: for the purpose of this article, “time” refers to the local time or timezone that the operating system of your device is set to, while “match clock” refers to the match time within the game you are streaming.

What happens if my device times are not in sync?

In the example video below, we have set our live scoring device – an Apple iPhone – to a local time that is 30 seconds ahead of the device that is running the graphics overlay.

You can see that the graphics overlay doesn’t respond to our live score command immediately – there is a 30-second delay. You will also notice the match clock on the LiveScore app is 30 seconds ahead of the graphics overlay.

This is because the local time across the two devices is out of sync.

How can I fix this?

The solution is simple, and in most cases, it just takes a few minutes to rectify the issue.

Sync device time automatically:

The easiest solution to this problem is to sync both devices with an official time server. This is usually achieved by allowing your device to set its local time “automatically”.

You can also set your devices to sync to a time server of your choice. However, this option is typically reserved for more advanced users and may not be supported by all devices.

Manually setting your device time:

Most devices also allow you to set the time manually. If you choose this method, please ensure that the time on each device is correctly synchronized to the second to ensure that the graphics are displayed instantaneously. As seen above, even a 30-second difference can seriously affect performance.

Below we have included support articles for popular operating systems and devices on how to set the time:

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