Getting Started

  1. Navigate to "Ads", in the left sidebar.

  2. Click "Ad Sets".

  3. Select Create Ad Set

Ad Set Details

  1. Give the Ad Set a Name

  2. Select a Club (optional)

    1. If the Ad Set is a sponsor of a club, use this field to attach the ad set to the club.

  3. Select an Ad Category

    1. Be sure this is accurate, as it will make your advertising analytics more accurate.

  4. Select Create Ad Set

Uploading Ad Set Images

Once the Ad Set is created you now need to upload the seven image sizes.

Image sizes are:

  • Square (300px x 300px)

  • Banner (510px x 150px)

  • Small (300px x 70px)

  • Medium (912px x 70px)

  • Xlarge (1920px x 410px)

  • Large (1920px x 270px)

  • Long (1920px x 140px)

The file format should be either .PNG or .JPG, with the file size being no more than 1MB.

It is best practice to upload all sizes the ad set requires, this ensures maximum exposure of your ad set on your broadcast.

You have now successfully created your ad set. Before the ad set will display on your broadcast, you need to give the ad set a display allocation.

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