To start with the user must be using a Brands credit to be able to display specific ads within their production. An article on the different types of credits can be found in our Help Center here.

Also, the Sponsor Loop can only be used in Auto Mode. It will not work in Manual Mode.

  • Click the ADS button in the left hand sidebar.

  • Click ALLOCATION and select the Competition that is relevant to you.

  • The user must now select a particular Ad Set that they wish to display from those that are available in their account. Click the drop down to see a list of ad sets that can be allocated.

  • Once selected, ensure that the Percentage box adds up to 100%.

NOTE: You can display more than one ad set on a sponsor loop but the total CANNOT exceed more than 100%.

  • Then hit SAVE.

  • Scroll down and ensure that the section titled LIVE SPONSOR LOOP is active.

  • Make the relevant adjustments to the options available to you.

  • Then hit SAVE.

When you start your match in Auto Mode the sponsor loop will be active and display what has been set in the configuration.

NOTE: The ad sizes that will display will be a mix of the following: Square, Small & Banner.

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