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Assigning tags to existing highlights
Assigning tags to existing highlights

This article will explain how to assign tags to existing highlights in LIGR and how to filter for clips with specific tags.

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  • Click Multimedia in the left hand side dashboard.

  • Select Highlights. You will see all the highlights that have been captured from your previous matches.

  • To assign a tag to an existing highlight, hover over and click See Details on the highlight you would like to tag.

  • At the bottom of the page, you will see a section labeled Tags.

  • In the Select Tags drop-down menu, select the tag that is relevant to this clip. Note: you can assign more than one tag to a highlight. Also the user can create a new tag by typing in the Tags box and when happy hit enter.

  • Clicking on the Popular Tags that have been created will automatically add that tag to this particular highlight.

  • When you're done, click Save.

With tags assigned to your highlights, you can now filter for clips with specific tags. Simply click on the Tags filter and select the tag you're interested in, and all the highlights with that tag will be displayed. In the below image the filter is set to show highlights that have the tag Try of the season.

That's it! You've successfully assigned a tag to an existing highlight in LIGR and filtered for highlights with specific tags. By categorizing your highlights with tags, you can easily find and review specific highlights in the future.

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