When creating a match, if the user selects the Stream Type to be GFX & STREAM they can then edit the stream settings for that particular match when they have clicked NEXT.

You will be greeted with a page like below where you fill out the following information.

  • Resolution - 720 or 1080

  • Frames Per Second - 25, 30, 50 & 60

  • Region - Select a region that is closest to where you're based.

  • Live Stream Input - Select a input destination that you will stream from your encoding software / hardware to reach LIGR. An article on Live Stream Inputs can be found here.

  • Stream Destination - Select an destination that you will stream out to based on what has been setup in your account. (YouTube, Facebook etc.) An article on Stream Destinations can be found here.

NOTE: If you're only using LIGR to generate highlights, you can leave the Stream Destination blank and follow the prompts.

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