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Live graphics for cricket powered by Opta Match Data
Live graphics for cricket powered by Opta Match Data

Cricket works a little differently on our platform than all the other sports, so please read this help article in full.

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How are live graphics usually powered on LIGR.Live?

Typically, live graphics are powered by a live scorer using the LIGR LiveScore app. For example, in a soccer match, the live scorer presses the button in the app for a goal, and the app sends a message to LIGR.Live to show the graphic for a goal on your live stream broadcast.

For some sports, live graphics can also be powered on LIGR.Live using a data feed from a third-party provider, such as Opta. Data providers like Opta live score a huge range of sporting events, and the data is used to power results services and betting companies. Of course, using a third-party feed to power your graphics is only possible if the provider covers your match.

How does it work for cricket?

The LIGR LiveScore app does not support cricket yet. We are still working on this and plan to release full cricket support soon. We wanted to add cricket to LIGR.Live as early as possible, as we know many of our users have been eagerly waiting for it.

For now, if you want to use LIGR.Live to add graphics to your cricket live streams, you must use Opta data to automate your graphics.

How can I find out if Opta data is available for my cricket match?

Check with the organizing body for your cricket match or competition, or get in touch with StatsPerform, the company that owns Opta.

Can I use another data provider instead?

For now, only Opta data is supported for cricket on the LIGR.Live platform.

What do I need to use Opta data to power my live stream on LIGR.Live?

You will need to obtain from Opta:

  1. The competition ID and match ID

  2. Permission to use the match data for streaming or broadcasting

  3. Permission for the data feed to be accessed by the LIGR.Live platform (Opta must configure the access permissions for the feed to allow us to access the data)

Once you obtain the required information and permissions, please contact us here confirming the three points listed above.

We will then coordinate with the necessary parties to connect the data to your LIGR account. Once we’ve set everything up, we’ll let you know.

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