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Multimedia explained - displaying custom graphics
Multimedia explained - displaying custom graphics

This feature allows users to upload images of any size, then position them anywhere on screen at any time during a livestream.

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This feature CANNOT be used in auto mode. It can only be deployed with overlay controls in manual mode. JPEG and PNG images can be uploaded. Video files can also be used.

‍After creating your custom graphic, you can upload it to LIGR.Live in the multimedia section, the third icon down on the left hand side dashboard.

‍To adjust settings for multimedia files, click on the uploaded image. Then you can change its name, assign it to a competition or add a description. If you want to make adjustments to how the image is displayed, hover over the image to see more options.

Create a match in the usual way and ensure that you have selected Graphics or Graphics + Brands in the Graphics Billing Type dropdown (multimedia graphics cannot be used in free matches).

Hit Save then make sure that the auto mode switch is toggled to the off position.

  • Click Matches in the left hand side dashboard

  • Click the arrow situated to the left of the respective match, a drop down will appear

  • Hit the ellipsis next to the corresponding match and select Control

  • In the Images section, you’ll see all the images that you have previously uploaded in the multimedia section. It must be assigned to a competition to be available for use

To display an image on your livestream, just hover over the image and press the Show button. Then, when you want to hide the image, hover over the image again and press the Hide button. You can also press the red Hide All Graphics button at the top of the screen to hide everything that’s currently showing.

‍If you haven’t considered including custom graphics in your livestreams, think about any club promotions, events or offers that you want to communicate to your fans. Also, it’s a great way to announce player of the match awards and promote club sponsorship.

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